Canyon Fodder

Our journey to Styros

We started our session about to enter battle with a bunch of Manes and a big baddie Nalfeshnee. Thanks to a well placed fireball from Cataclysmia the battle went smoothly. I am fairly sure Bartholomew died, but I also remember him doing that a lot that day. From there we continued to travel towards the City of Styros. There was another encounter in there that I am completely spacing on that killed Xander (or just made him mostly dead). We eventually got to Styros and learned a few things:

- There is a Ziggurat in the city that is a temple to the god Shale
- The city is ruled by the Nalfeshnee who is a puppet of powers lower in the Abyss

We saved a gnome named Ulagon Underhill. He gave us a coin in thanks.

We went to the river to find a boatman to take us down the river Styx. We found Charon whose price of transit was the coin we got from the gnome. Charon mentioned that we would never make it past the devil rays. He also cheerily informed us that we would never survive the gaping maw. We learned that we would be able to find some sort of protection from the devil rays at the Citadel along the river – so off to the citadel we go.


Stephen_Scholz sludin

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