Canyon Fodder

Theodoric Bandersnatch's journal

Feb 28th 2016 Game, part 1

Note: Theodoric is an unreliable narrator.
Theodoric (Teddy) Bandersnatch
It was still both inspiring and overwhelming to be in the presence of Ba’ur this morning. This morning! More has happened in the past hours than has happened in many months prior. Townsfolk set about making certain that we were well-equipped for our journey, as well-equipped as one can be for a journey that may lead us to The Abyss. Foodstuffs and climbing gear, words of luck and words of warning. Friends who tried to make this “so long” when we all know that it may be a final goodbye. But seeing Her stand there, solid, a foundation holding the gates closed after letting us through let me put aside fear of what may harm us, and gave me inspiration that we may yet find the artifact and return, if not unscathed, then at least alive. With Courage and Stoicism we will take on this task for her, and for our fellows. Though I must say having a pack stuffed with wonderful smoked meats and bread helps as well.

I was concerned that our Tiefling friend may have abandoned us. I know that others are generally suspicious, but I was looking forward to working alongside her, and learning more about her kind. Not that she was very inviting of any kind of inquisitiveness on my part or the part of others. As it turns out, the Goddess Ba’ur had a different plan for her, and she may come to our aid yet. Imagine! A soul trapped in a stone. I wonder if such a thing would only be possible for a Tiefling, or if my soul is somehow different…?

My other companions have turned out to be such adventurers! Our cleric, the leader (in my mind) of our group who talked to the Goddess herself before we journeyed in, is selfless in not only helping us survive by his healing prowess, but in thrusting himself into the middle of the fighting. I have not yet gleaned an understanding of Henri, a ranger who seems extraordinarily adept with a bow, and no slouch with a sword. He is cautious and willing to talk rather than fight, but it is clear he is no stranger to fighting. Our new addition, the monk, is more aggressive than I am used to, but his skills in the fighting no doubt saved us. I am sure to learn much from him, and he is already working with Henri well.


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