You don’t remember large swathes of your life, but you have some clues. Occasionally you have flashbacks to events in your life, but they are abstract, hard to grasp.
Sometimes you recognize a person or place. If a person, that person will deny knowing you.
Skills: Roll Randomly (see Amnesic Details )
Proficiencies: Roll Randomly (see Amnesic Details )
Fresh approach. Without a lot of preconceptions, the first time during your adventures that you attempt a skill or ability check that you don’t have proficiency in, doing a specific sort of thing, you get advantage on that roll. After that you roll normally.
ex. Cain find himself trying to sail a skiff across a dangerous strait. He doesn’t have Vehicle proficiency. He rolls his strength check to control the vessel in the strong winds with Advantage. Later he needs to sail back, but he loses this advantage.

You are a fallen being, imbued with the features of a beast. You will likely be shunned by much of society, but in some areas you will be welcome. You possess the features of a particular beast, and are eligible for feats which can enhance those features.
Skills: Work with the DM to find two skill appropriate to your beast .
Feature: Pick a minor feature appropriate to the beast you have features of. A deer might grant +5 Speed, a wolf a 1d4 Bite Attack, a spider climbing requires no skill roll, etc…
You are eligible to acquire the following feats: Beastly Feature, Advanced Beast feature.

You are first or second generation from a distant land, sent fleeing due to unrest caused either by the apotheosis itself, or by the tumult that followed.
Skills: Survival, History
Languages: Pick Two languages spoked where you come from.
Tool Proficiencies: One of your choice
Feature: You have knowledge of the outside world and culture beyond your small realm. You can make an Intelligence check to know the major cultural, religious, historical and geographical features in and from one realm outside your own. For example: if you traveled from Fey Por, you would know about the Fifth Empire, the great cities of Chandra and Acculam, the Heroic Cult and legacy of the Witchqueen. If you from Sun Tsien, you would know of walls of Shulan, the classes of Kensai, Samurai and Wu Jen, the Hengeyokai, and the carved stone money.

You are part of a semi-secret society (depending on where you are) that is dedicated to the destruction and or banishment of the gods. In some parts of the world, these people are welcome and can work openly, in others they work in secret to avoid prosecution.

Skills: Pick Two: Arcana, History, Investigation, Deception
Tools: Alchemist’s Tools, Cartographers Tool
Priest’s Pack, Alchemist Supplies
Feature: Haywards get Advantage on Insight and Perception checks to see through the Deception and Disguises (or shape changing) of Extra-planars (Celestials, Elementals, Fiends) when they try to take on humanoid forms.

Learned in the arts of Healing. You might have been part of a healer’s guild, or raised or apprenticed by a healer.
Skill Proficiencies – Medicine, Nature
Tool – Herbalism Kit, Healer’s Kit
Feature: Attend Recovery – When tending wounded roll a medicine check. You can assist the recovery of one person of your choice for each point the roll exceeded 10 (1@11, 2@12, 3@13, etc.). Player receives an extra d4 for each die they roll to add to the total, but only up to the number that die could roll.
Ex. Isa is a healer. During a short rest she attends the recovery of her party of 5. She rolls a medicine check and gets 12, so she can help 2 characters. She rolls a d4 and gets a 3. Terrance uses a Hit Die d6 and rolls a 2, plus her 3 = 5hp, Mtana rolls a d8 and gets a 6 plays 3 = 9, but 8 is the max, so she gets 8hp. The healer may use this on herself, but she counts towards the number of people attended.
The Healer background is a prerequisite to several Healing Rituals.


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