Sala Juranid is a ribbon of temperate climate inside a vast desert. The Valas river winds through the canyon and is met with many tributaries from adjoining side canyons. The river is wide and slow in some parts, and full of falls and rapids in others, as a result it is not consistently navigable. The shoreline of the river is a green belt extending most of the way along the floor of the canyon. The vegetation tends to dwindle the further from a water source you get.
Temperatures in the Canyon range from over 100ºF in the summer months, to below 0º in the winter. Night time temperatures tend to be between 20-30º cooler than the day.

Flora and Fauna
Ba’ur instructed her people to bring with them plants and animals from their homelands, and they did, the livestock and crops here might be familiar anywhere. Some of the lifeforms spread and adapted to the desert oasis, others stayed close to the villages and retained (through natural breeding) the characteristics for which they are kept. The wild animals tended to be those native to deserts, but many of these too adapted to the environment, and creatures from across the world have found homes there.

The Desert
To the north is a mountainous region called the Mountains of Fire. There are rumors of firestorms sweeping across the land killing everything in their path. It is inhabited only by the FIre Giants, and their minions able to withstand the blazes. To the south, the Parch, a land so dry that within days all living creatures begin to desiccate and mummify literally as they die. The sand storms in this region are so powerful as to rip the cloths off a body, grind armor into dust, and fill the lungs in a single breath.
Suffice to say, visits to the top of the canyon are rare.

The Canyon is home to five towns, each possessing a large variety of races, however in each town one ethnicity is most common.
Shadow of the Mountain = Mountain Dwarf
Thousand Path Maze = Lightfoot Halflings
Daughter of the Canyon = Enduirian Human (fair skinned)
Titan’s Fall = Melkalundish Human (olive skinned)
Runwild Waters = Lundri Humans (bright red skinned)
All of the standard races can be found across the Canyon, as well as Aaracokra, Genasi, Goblins, Orcs, Nabon, and other species less common in civilization (Gnolls, Half Ogres, Duergar, Lizardfolk).

The people of the canyon are incredibly isolated and off the beaten path. As a result, the canyon is their entire world. Rarely do people visit, and rarer still do people leave. Some of the history can be found in the few old book that people brought with them, but most of it before the settlement is lost to time.

The Ancients
Ba’ur chose this land to settle because it was once a place of great power, huge temples, palaces and colleges are buried in the vicinity, but few have ever tried to unearth them. Their secrets are too dangerous for the simple folk of the canyon, and when they are accidentally discovered, they are marked with a warning, and left alone.


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