The people of Vala Jarunid tend to worship their patron deity Ba’ur. Ba’ur broke open this canyon and mixed the waters with the earth to bring life to the settlers. Ba’ur built the gate that keeps the minions of the Abyss at bay. Ba’ur wanders the canyon helping those in need, seeding the plants, quelling the floods, breeding the animals.
Ba’ur resembles a stately giantess, with skin the color of earth, regal and patient. She may sit for hours contemplating some request, or plea. She will ignore those she deems unworthy, and is slow to anger even at the persistent. Children seem to naturally mellow in her presence.
Ba’ur’s motivations may seem alien to some. Her priests will say that she sees long, and her actions are just, even though they may not be clear to the people.

Her holy symbol is a shield with a flame emblazoned on it (can be a real shield)

There was a time when Ba’ur stood guard to the throne of the Queen of the Gods. But since the Apotheosis she has carved (literally) this realm for her people.
The virtues usually associated with Ba’ur and her clergy.

  • Courage protecting the weak
  • Stoicism in the face of hardship
  • Modesty in dress and manner
  • Patience in all things


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