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City of Demons

City of Demons – May 7, 2017

Having used their brains for once, our heroes avoided certain doom (or inconvenience) with an assault on the bridge guarding the entrance to the gaping maw by quietly floating by. Our adventure beings with them floating in the massive bay. We needed to decide what to do first. In the distance we could see a massive jungle, an island covered in scaffolds, and a city. Presumably, the island is where the tarrasque is being assembled – we assume a frontal assault there will spell out doom, so we choose to paddle to the demon city, Lemoriax.



After removing our brands that identified us (falsely) as the property of XXXX, we floated on our way. At location A on the attached map we see something in the water. It turned out that it was 20 small devil rays with three big brother rays. They flew from the water through the air at us, blasted us with psychic energy, and generally wreaked havoc on our bodies. Luckily the shard necklaces that we borrowed from Andariel after killing her fended off the worst of the ixitxachitl’s attacks and we managed to fight them off.


Paddling on we reached the island at ‘B’. It was nothing more than a fly covered heap of rock, not a place to stay. Thus we continued southerly toward Lemoriax. On our way we saw two vessels passing each other, one on it sway in to Lemoriax and one out. They were galley like boats with various humanoids including human, elves, and dwarves – slaves perhaps to Demogorgon?

We land near the jungle a bit south of the city. The breaches of the wild forest make it difficult to sleep, but we manage without incident.

The next “day” we decide to hike to Lemoriax. The city looks like an old Mayan city, generally in disrepair – a dump. Fields outside were once irrigated but are no longer so. We see demons flying above and all over the city. We see humanoids in chain gangs and walking around freely. We see demons and mortals associating as in business. No gate, no guard post. No music. Just the sounds of torture and beatings. Fun place.

We decide to go to the port to see what is being loaded and unloaded. There are inns and open air taverns. One inn in particular looks sinister and people walk around it giving it wide bearth. Lots of hustle, bustle, and violence.

We get a drink at a bar and are served something dark and chunky. TApperenly they do not filter their beer. The barkeep (half tiefling and ogre) makes space for an entourage of two ogres and a creature on fire (an efreet). They lift up a goblin and puts him on the bar. The goblin orders drinks for all his group and says they had a successful venture.


Cataclysmia talks to the goblin named Kaiborun. He is staying at the nasty scare place, the Perdition Inn. He just unloaded a group of demon slaves. He explains to us there there are two ‘demons’ in charge: Aamul and Hethradiah. In fact, they are the two heads of Demogorgon and are constantly plotting against each other. Hethradiah wants to take things at a careful place and unite the forces of the demons before proceeding. Aamul wants to rush forward and release the power of the tarrasque upon the planes as soon as possible. He tells us Aamul is in charge at the moment. Ugh.

The agents of Hethradiah and Aamul may be in the market to hire third parties for help in their plotting. The goblin believes Demogorgon has all the parts needed for the tarrasque, but Hethradiah is keeping a last piece of pieces hidden from Aamul – or they are being kept separate for some other reason.

We ask about the jungle. It is a nasty place with psychic panther monkeys and Wontee – giant snake people. The panther monkeys can provide insights and visions, though it is apparently generally unpleasant. And everything there will want to kill you.

A further clue the goblin gives us is that the thing we are looking for (the splinter) has been cloaked by plumb ivy, but the thing that cloaks it might be detectable. He gives us some plumb ivy samples to help us find it.

As we discuss what to do we see a creature with two heads and two tail on top a ziggurat. This is presumably Demogorgon. The demons surround the ziggurat and force smaller demons up to Demogorgon who eats them one by one. After eating about a dozen or so he flies off.

We decide is it time to contact Bartholomew’s goddess for guidance. We can ask three questions – but which three?


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