Canyon Fodder

Episode 12 - Splinter of the Mind's Eye

July 2017

After the epic battle with the death knight, and some judicious ret-con, we explore the party explores the depths of the pyramid. Below is a stone warren with alcoves of loot – and what appears to be the splinter. Being cautious, they look for traps, magical and mundane, and discover wards covering the intersections.


Despite their careful pace they were concerned: were Demogorgon’s hordes already aware of the intrusion and on their way? Or perhaps alarm bells would ring when we touched the splinter? Regardless, time was a factor.

After gathering the non-splinter loot, they took a short rest – anxiety not letting them spend more time than necessary in the pyramid. A plan was decided on: grab the splinter and run.

Bartholomew casts grasping hands on the splinter and pulls it towards him while the other prepared to sprint out of there. Bart graps the splinter and turns towards the rest of the party with a look of victory in his eyes.

And the ceiling caves in.


Bart is pinned under a large ceiling block and cannot get free. And this is as snakes slither from the new holes in the roof. A fight ensues to save Bart and themselves, and of course, the snakes are more like regenerating zombie snakes that can only be destroyed with fire. Thankfully they had Cataclysmia with them. If that was not enough, those bitten by the snakes were impregnated with little baby zombie snakes inside they affected body part. Nothing that a little surgery could not fix.

With haste they leave the ziggurat. Henri senses that there is a wide corridor empty of animals between the ziggurat and town. Something really bad was coming their way. The party quickly casts the mortal bones (which had apparently been stolen from Xander by that sneaky elf, Henri) and they point right back to town. As quickly as they can Xander makes a pouch for the splinter out of the plumb ivy in hopes of hiding it from Demogorgon.

As they head out, four Vrocks swoop in to attack. A delightful battle ensues where the party is poked, bit, poisoned and otherwise mutilated. Xander decides to leap onto the back of one and manages to take a nice fall from about 110’ and land cat-like on his feet.


Vrocks dead. Eli’s Coming.


Stephen_Scholz sludin

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