Canyon Fodder

Episode 13 - Through the Gauntlet

Canyon Fodder – August 6, 2017

Through the Gauntlet

Our party wakes after a long rest in a secluded grotto in the Jungle. We spent some time deciding on what the #&% we should do next and decide to march right into Lemoriax with the splinter in plain view but disguised as a yoke with Bart tied to it. That should work, right?

Preparing to leave, Henri hears su-monsters outside of the cave they are hiding. Turns out six of them had found us and attacked. The panther monkey babies caused from psychic headaches, but were not much of a worry. We spared the life of the last one in return for a prophesy:

We are presented with a vision of us leaving the Perdition Inn with a look of frustration on our faces. It seemed we were heading towards the ziggurat that they had previously seen Demogorgon perched upon_


When Bart holds the splinter he feels that this is weapon he could really use. We decide to give him a chance to spend some quality time with is and it turns out that it can be used as a +1 greatclub with +4 against outsiders with a bunch of kick ass radiant damaged and other things.

We finally leave the jungle using Henri’s abilities to avoid any more trouble and get to the beach without issue. Casting the bones they still point to Lemoriax. The city looks lively as if the entire population was enlisted to look for someone or something. Or someine with something.

We tie Bart to the splinter to make him look like a prisoner and head into the city. Folks are fooled by the performance. The Perdition Inn looks abandoned as we go in. Most of the place seem deserted and long unused. One hallway is boarded up.

A barkeeper gets our attention. We other drinks (no beer, no grog, no brandy, just absinthe) and he rummages behind the bar. He evidently wants us to undo the boards and send us back. We undo the boards and pay the barkeep for a room. 12gp.

We wander down the hallway and walk much farther that is seems possible from the size of the Inn. Apparently the inn is bigger on the inside than the outside. The architecture is impossible. We search a dusty room and find a trapdoor. The trapdoor hisses when we open it and reveals a ladder going down into a well like structure.

We climb down. At the bottom is a door coming off the well walls and a passage going through it. Wood panels and wood floor. Better condition than the hotel. Is this this hotel and what was above just the entrance?

We pick the lock and hear a motion behind the door. We choose to knock on the door. A gruff voice calls out in a language that Henri understands. Trolls. We enter the room and have a nice conversation with the troll before they decide to eat us. With the help of Cataclysmia’s fire magic and Henri’s monstrosity targeted attacks we destroy them.



Everything in the room is giant sized. Stone floors, beams, wood walls. As if it were made for them. We open a door and look down the hallway. All giant sized. We decide that it is a giant portion of the hotel. We do not want to encounter and more giants so we go back to the well.

Down the hallway we get to another well spot with three ladders going up. Down the other way we come to a T. The style is different. Down the T should run into the giant area but it does not. Things are not laid out as you would expect.

We go back and try the three ladders. One is nailed shut. The next opens and we smell a heavy floral scent. There is light from burning embers. It is hot and muggy. Teddy feels woozy and falls to the ground. Henri bravely tried to catch him but just ends up being a landing pad.

The third opens to a dilapidated room like the ones below. We exit and found our footprints in the dust. We go back and talk to the barkeep. We talk to him about what we saw. He confirms that it might open on to other lands. There is no map. Perhaps the boarded up places are the ways out? He mentions that “Esmira” might be able to help out. And the she might be stealing from him.

We ask the barkeep to look in the log. We are in there for the ‘day’ before. Before that is a name with a star next to it – a mark for a high paying customers. Kai Borun and two others. He was wearing winter / mountain gear. Kai was the goblin that we spoke to in the outdoor tavern by the port.


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