Canyon Fodder

Episode 11 - Rumble in the Jungle

Episode 11

Canyon Fodder – Episode 11 – Rumble in the Jungle – June 11, 2017

You have three questions – what do you ask your goddess?

The party decided on a question tree and ended up learning the following:

  • The Splinter disappeared into the jungle
  • Going into the jungle is needed for our quest
  • Retrieving the splinter will prevent Demogorgon from building the tarrasque

After much discussion we decided how to proceed into the jungle. The went north from Lemoriax fasting find object looking for the plumb ivy. Great idea. Of course Henri, can also detect the Yuan-Ti (snake people) and the Su-monsters (psychic panther monkeys). They hope that they will be able to avoid trouble.

The Jungle was a steamy mess. Evil critters scurried around us: bugs, frogs, slugs, etc. The flora seemed mostly poisonous. Without Henri’s guidance we would surely be lost forever. Best to keep him alive. Underneath the foliage we can see that ancient ruins have been long since buried by the jungle.

With Henri’s guidance we manage to avoid Yuan-Ti, Su-monsters, displacer beasts, and other foul nasties and arrive in a clearing with a ziggurat in the middle. The stepped pyramid was covered with plumb ivy! We approach and when we get about 100 feet from the pyramid, all goes quiet.

A woman in chains emerged from an opening at the top pushed out by some sort of demon. Nobly we rush in to save her only to have her (and her guard) turn in to a bulgura. A third emerges from invisibility. On top of that, a massive sword wielding demon emerges from the pyramid: the death knight, Jagir Raumysh.


A fight grand ensues. We drop one by one but start to get the better of the death knight. When he sees that he is likely going to lose he prepares a spell of cataclysmic nastiness. He will take out us, and him with us. A last ditch effort brings the demon down before the spell can be cast and all is quiet.


We go down in the the ziggurat and encounter no more resistance. In there we find:

  • Platemail 2 (Cannot be forcible moved) (looks demonic, but underneath are dwarvish symbols)
  • BaneBlade +1/3vs Fiends
  • Animated Shield (death knight’s shield)
  • 3 Devilish Talismans
  • Ball of Brimstone (add stinking cloud to any fire attack spell (lasts 1d6rds) (5ft area for creature targets)
  • Ring Waterwalking
  • 4 diamonds (500 each), 4 rubies (400 each), 4 sapphires (300 each)
  • 5000 gold

And the Splinter.

We all collapse from exhaustion and thought turn toward escape.

Minor Ret-Con : we ended fairly quickly. I’d like to start with you seeing the various items, and we’ll assume you are able to ascertain their abilities. But, that you haven’t removed them from their stands yet for fear of traps.


Stephen_Scholz sludin

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